Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day

I didn't think I would cry, but I did. (not at school mind you!) Big Sis started her first day of school today. She loves her kindergarten teacher. I think she is going to do well.

Yesterday I dropped Lil Sis off with Oma so that Big Sis and I could go to the school for a meet-n-greet. While we were driving around getting together some last minute things Big Sis would need, Big Sis asked me, "Am I going to get paid when I go to school?" I swear I saw the wheels in her head turning, contemplating the things she wanted to do with her salary. Ha ha ha. Wouldn't that be nice, but no! She was a bit confused because dad goes to school and he gets paid. I had to clarify that teachers get paid, but students do not.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why do we do it?

It seems there is a natural impulse when feeding a baby to open your mouth while offering them a spoon. I've been caught myself many times when the girls were little ones.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Aunt L and the Frog came for a visit. We really had fun and took them to all our favorite haunts. Thank you for visiting. Aunt L is a dream guest. She is always so helpful and somehow manages to still keep up with little Frog.

He must be thinking about how sandy he's going to get.
Maybe having sand all over your face isn't such a great idea.
Lil Sis actually let me take her out waist deep to jump over the surf. This is a major breakthrough.
Dad taught Big Sis how to make drip castles. Very cool.
Family photo, many years ago DH and I took engagement photos at this very beach, Victoria Beach.
The wave was coming, guess that photo session is ended.
A favorite haunt. In-n-Out. I generally don't like to eat burgers, but I do love eating an In-n-Out Burger, with Coke and fries. We took Aunt L and the Frog have some (of course not the coke!). I think he liked it.
Our other favorite haunt is Yogurtland. Can you tell who the yogurt belongs to? Lil Sis had already devoured most of her sugary choices. Sometimes the girl's toppings make me sick just looking at them.
Happy Birthday!
The next day we went to another haunt, Zoomars Petting Zoo. Aunt L had her work cut out for her keeping the Frog from eating the bunnies and guinea pigs treats. He loved crawling around and chasing the little critters.
Lil Sis was so animated and excited after her pony ride. That girl just loves horses.
The Frog's smiles are just too cute. The girls really miss him.