Wednesday, May 28, 2008


How did they get these pictures of my DH? Funny that they would remind me of him. Maybe he would even be willing to do this for the girls!

Check it out here.

Disclaimer: These images are NOT of DH!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Saving her money for a....


My mom (Oma) has been helping the girls save cans and bottles to take to the recycling plant to earn some money to put in the savings. Big Sis has big plans for her savings. She wants a motorcycle, just like her Tante Ludi. I asked if I could ride on the back with her, "no, you have to get your own mom."

Friday, May 16, 2008


...not about Monsters, but FROGS. Yes Lil Sis has been having nightmares lately about a frog. DH found her earlier this week in bed at 2am huddled under the covers shaking and screaming about a monster frog. Our hero (DH) slew the frog and calmed her down with promises of protection. We thought that might do the trick, but...

Last night about 1 hr after going to bed I found her sobbing and huddled under the blanket trying to hide from the "frog". She even frighten our little friend M when she came over for a play date telling her all about the monster frog in our house. I had to convince a crying M that we did not have a monster frog in the house. Lil Sis talks about this frog constantly like he really lives and breathes. I guess for her he does.

From what we have deducted from Lil Sis' description of the frog it may look something like this frog. She was very specific about the red feet and eyes. I wasn't sure if a frog like that existed well sure enough you can Google anything and find it. So this is what is haunting her dreams. Any tips on helping to stop the nightmares?

I thought it would be fun to find out what has haunted your dreams. So post a comment and let me know. I'm interested to hear your stories.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Aunt C

We love her. Who else is so willing to ride with us in the wagon, let us destroy her room, eat her snacks, and let us tag along with her. Congrats on the upcoming graduation!

Thank you Aunt C for being so fun, love Big Sis & Lil Sis.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Little People

Thank you Mom. She has stored our old Fisher Price Little People all this time. My girls love to play with them. It's one of those toys that get pulled off the shelves the most. I love how creative and active their imaginations are. Today we had Big Sis and Lil Sis (center blondes) riding horses with Grandma and Grandpa. Gambler is the black horse and Couscous is the red. I wish they made Little People like this still. The new ones are so bulky.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Melt Downs

Sometimes I really feel like I will loose it with the girls. It takes every ounce of self control I have not to lash out. Today it was a good thing for Big Sis that we were in public and I therefore kept my cool. Big Sis decided that she did not want to practice her dance routine today because she had to partner with Dancer X. Her teacher asked her to leave if she would not participate. She came out into the hall crying. After explaining to her that she had to do as the teacher asked, I told her we could either go back in or go home. Neither option was flying with her. After 10 minutes of sobbing and discussing, I finally put my foot down and started packing up to go. It was then Big Sis decided to finally go back in. She performed her routine half heartedly and with a frown, but she did it. Aargh...

Turns out when we were discussing the situation again in the car ride home she didn't want to dance with Dancer X because "she picks her boogers and eats them, mom". Well I probably wouldn't want to holds hands and dance with someone who just picked her nose either, but what do you do?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

With the horses

I love this shot. They were eating apples in front of Couscous and Gambler. The horses were hoping for them to be generous and share.

Practicing our technique.

Big Sis wasn't afraid at all to be around the horses, but terrified of Klug (here below) the biggest sweetest guy I've ever met.

Lil Sis with "mines horsie" (translation her horse), sorry grandpa I think she really believes he belongs to her!

Is she happy or what to be with Grandpa up on Couscous. She was chomping at the bit for Grandpa to get ready and take her horseback riding.

Adventures in Big Sky Montana

We love our Grandma and Grandpa R and our Aunt C. It was fun spending time with them in Montana. The weather was great, considering there was still some snow on the ground. Here are some pictures I love.

Big Sis was constantly laughing and telling jokes with Grandpa. Especially this one she memorized for especially for Grandpa.
Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Yah who?
Did I just hear a cowboy?

On a walk, it was pretty windy.

Looking for the cat who had hidden from us under the bed, can't say I blame him!

Lil Sis explaining to Grandpa about her plans to lure the cat out of his hiding place with the stuffed mouse. I love that they have the same look on their faces. classic.

The cowboy snowman, who lasted only 30 seconds before they pummeled him into the ground.

Our grandpa is so clever he made Lil Sis a hula hoop out of tubing and a nail.

I love that my DH is such a hard worker. Wherever we go he always finds ways to help out.

It's a long drive to...

Helena, Montana (16 1/2 hrs w/out stopping). And we survived our road trip! The girls loved staying in the hotels. I made sure to book ones with indoor pools. Boy was that a smart move. They loved it and it wore them out. The first night Lil Sis was so excited about sleeping the in same room. Poor Big Sis kept getting tackled in bed by her over zealous sister.

About 6 or 7 miles on the highway before Pocatello Big Sis declared that she urgently needed to take a potty break. So DH pulled off onto the shoulder (I know not the smartest thing, but considering our options!). As soon as he had Big Sis out of the car a state trooper pulled up behind us. DH could tell he was not happy about the situation, but he decided to let Big Sis do the business and stayed behind us for protection. Later on in the trip Big Sis said she need a policeman so he could take her to jail to go pee! Boy she can stretch a story as well as any Robins I know.

We took a break at a campground in Montana and threw stones off a bridge and stretched our legs. There are more photos and tales from our adventure to come.

Eagerly awaiting the swimming pool.

Cool bridge in Montana.

Our grouchy cub.

Finishing our lunch an hour after we left the restaurant. Does anyone else have a hard time getting their kids to eat?