Monday, August 25, 2008

Sailing, Sailing, over the ocean blue....

This past weekend we went on a sailing excursion with my family to Catalina Island. It was beautiful. The water was so clear. Avalon is a really cute little town. I really want to live there someday.

We explored caves, kayaked, sailed over 7 knots (got a little off course too), did a little fishing, were rocked to sleep almost every night, and ate like kings. The girls diet was mainly Cheetos and Red Vines (hey we were on vacation, don't judge my bad parenting skills).

Big Sis and I had a blast. DH and Lil Sis not so much. DH was so sea sick the entire time (note: Ginger really does work) and I have no idea what was up with Lil Sis. She screamed at the top of her lungs in the middle of every night on the boat. In such tight quarters I'm amazed that my family still loves her, I had a hard time of it!

I am still trying to find my land legs. Everytime I stay still I can still feel the rocking of the boat.

Our Captain
The beginning (You can tell who enjoys this the most already)
Mom, poor thing got super sick later.Cute Pregnant Sis-in-law
Covering up as usual in the sun.
Having fun sitting back watching the sail boat action.
The Captain entertaining us all.
So relaxing.
Practicing her surfing skills.
Happy to be running around on deck.
Where we stayed overnight in Avalon.
Love this. They played so well together the entire trip.
Card game with Opa (memory style)
After a nasty fall during some turbulence. Nothing cures a bump like licorice.
The two great fisherman/woman. Ludikus
Amazing brother, thanks for paddling me to shore to help me find a WC and getting kicked out of the Scout Camp with me.
Our family on a kayak adventure.
Lovin' life

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shout Out...

To my amazing, inspiring, talented brothers. Last weekend and earlier today they completed their first ever sprint triathlons. Last weekend was Camp Pendleton and today was the Lake Arrowhead triathlon. So here is a HOORAY for my ├╝ber talented brothers! You've inspired me to try one next year. Anyone game for Lake Perris 2009?

Sorry Dre, I didn't get a shot of you. You were just too darn fast! :) I didn't know it was you until I heard you grunting as you pulled ahead of your competition.

Kusi, pushing himself and smiling for us.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank goodness for

for the girls and this (for me)...
The girls and I have been plagued with something NASTY. Big Sis has woken up the past two mornings with her left eye sealed shut. Poor thing, her mucus drains out her eyes instead of her nose just like her mother's. And it looks like Lil Sis is suffering the same thing too.

We had big plans to go to the beach tonight to BBQ, play, and surf with friends. I hate summer sicknesses. But what I really hate missing out on all the fun.

So we will just have to be content looking at these images.

Doheny State Beach
Where we would have dined.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My favorite Candy

I just love this stuff. What's your favorite indulgence?