Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Consoled by Big Sis

Today as I was crying, Big Sis wanted to comfort me. As she hugged me and kissed me I told her about the death of my Oma. I explained that after we die we go to Heaven to live with our Father in Heaven. Big Sis then replied, "It's okay mom, she's with Jesus. He's going to give her a new body and it won't be old. It will be young." Wow. I was floored by her statement. There is such comfort in knowing that we will be a family forever, we will see each other again and that we will be resurrected.

She also commented on her own Oma. "She's old mom, but not too old. She won't die." Yes. I do still have my mom. And I'm grateful for her and all the family I have around me.

Tribute to my Oma

We found out this afternoon that my Oma passed away this morning. While we are sad that her spirit has left us we are happy that she is now at peace after battling her health for 2 years. I will miss her. Here are some of the things I remember most about her...

- her love for the gospel
- her love for the scriptures
- her love for the temple
- her amazing Schnitzel, Schweinzbraten, Käsnodl, Backhendel, Crepes...she was an amazing cook
- the way she sung the hymns with such enthusiasm
- her readiness to share her strong opinions
- amazing energy and work ethic
- her talent with handiwork
- spending summers with her at Lake Wörthersee
- she never wanted to hang up the phone, you would always have to end the phone conversations
- she kept every single creation I ever made for her. Last time I visited 3 years ago she still had some art of mine on the fridge from when I was 10 or so.
- these crazy stuffed monkeys on the back of her sofa
- her courage, she gave birth to my mother all alone at home (and the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck)
- her thriftiness
- listening to her tell stories from her childhood
- her beautiful blue eyes

She was an amazing woman. Heaven is lucky to have her.

(These happen to be the only scanned photos available)

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Budding Artist

About a year ago Big Sis' drawings looked like this...
This is our current family portrait, courtesy of Big Sis...

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yes, that's right Big Sis was encouraging Lil Sis to "eat" her toes.

Big Sis: We are pretending to eat. Lil Sis eat my toes. Its a sandwich.
Me: That's gross.
Big Sis: No its salty.
Lil Sis: (giggles and goes to town)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You're funny Lil Sis

Tonight as the girls said goodnight to Opa. Big Sis gave him a hug. Lil Sis stepped in and then faked my dad out, stepped back and said "too late". hehehe.

Ran across a funny video. I love the retro and stereotyped French looks. Foux du Fafa by Flight of the Conchords

8 years ago...

DH and I became engaged. I can hardly believe time goes by so fast. To celebrate we went to the movies last night and saw Juno. For those of you who know me, I don't cry watching movies, I repeat I don't cry. But, I did for this one and I laughed a lot. It was so moving. Maybe being a mom made it so powerful for me, I don't know.

Now that being said I'm not sure this would be a movie that I would feel comfortable recommending to my mom. It was a little colorful. You know how you just love a movie and then you watch it with your parents and you are squirming the whole time!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Saturday Family Fun

We took a trip to San Onofre on Saturday for some surfing and fun in the sand. The girls hiked up and down a seriously rocky trail and did awesome. Not even one complaint. I think Lil Sis is ready to do some serious hiking, she was running commando style down the trail (while holding my hand of course). While at the beach we had lunch (thank you DH for getting the bread I forgot to bring), surfed, built castles, and buried our Onkel.

Practicing their sweet surfing moves.

Warning: Child Abuse!!!
Warning: Onkel Abuse!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Been Gone

I've been gone for awhile. It seemed so daunting to come back. I'm afraid I forgot how to blog. Crazy that if you break a habit it is so hard to start up again (well good ones at least!). Our family is just getting over colds and ear infections. They girls have yet to sleep all the way through the night since before Christmas. To make matters worst, my brother and I have been watching 24 on DVD until way past my bedtime. Man, that show is addicting. I can see why its good to do a 24 marathon.

Found a new site whilst reading a blog. They sell modest dresses. It's called Shabby Apple and I love this one. I really like that you don't have to wear any tank tops under your clothes to be modest.