Thursday, October 30, 2008

She's hurting...and I had no idea

I found out Lil Sis is getting her back molars in. That must have explained the recent ├╝ber grouchiness and the drippy nose. While watching Alice in Wonderland with Big Sis she got scared and then went to cuddle with Opa. While he played the ukulele, she fell asleep.

It's amazing how hurting brings out the worst and best in all of us.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween

We partied hard this weekend at the annual Trunk or Treat at church. The girls were excited to dress up and have pink hair. I was afraid it wouldn't wash out, but luckily it did. So we may be adding some more on Halloween night. Lil Sis loves her "Pinky Pie" costume. She loves My Little Pony. We often have to listen to a storybook CD about "Pinky Pie" 10 times in a row in the car. It can get annoying, but hey! Big Sis and I were dressed as witches. She didn't want to wear green make-up though. I am apparently the evil witch from the west and she is the good witch from the east.

My Reasons for Voting Yes on Prop 8

I thought I'd share why I'm voting yes on Prop 8.

- to preserve my religious freedoms
- to preserve my freedom of speech
- to have the right to decided what moral values my children will be taught in school
- to support the divine institution of marriage, between a man and a woman

Here are some sites and videos I have perused.

Preserving Marriage (check out the videos)
I Protect Marriage (take the quiz)
Protect Marriage

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random Act of Kindness

Today the girls and I headed to Costco to stock up on a few essentials. While leaving the girls held hands and sang "Barbie and the Diamond Castle" at the top of their lungs. They attracted a lot of attention. It must have seemed like they were out of control or maybe being difficult, but to me it was music to my ears. I'll taked singing over their arguments any day. Well as I got to the car a woman approached me and asked if she could help me load my car. Sure! She told me her kids were in school and they were 15 months apart and she remembered those days so well. I thanked her and we were off on our way much quicker than normal.

On the drive home I got to thinking. You know I really could have done that myself. But that really doesn't matter, because I felt good about what had happened. It wasn't that she helped me load the groceries that made me feel good, it was the fact that someone noticed that I could have been struggling. That is what lightened my mood and lifted a burden.

We all know where I really could have used the help, at home unloading!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Her special weekend

Big Sis went camping with Opa this past weekend, so Lil Sis had her parents all to herself. She took us to dinner Friday night at Chili's and then took her dad to the Santa Ana Zoo on Saturday. Big Sis tends to take a lot of the attention away from Lil Sis. It was really fun to go to dinner with just her. She got herself dressed and brought her purse, which she set down "just like yours mom" when we were seated. When I got my salad, Lil Sis looked longingly as I ate and then decided that she wanted to have some. I love that she loves salad more than burger and fries. She has always been such a great eater. We caved in and let her order the blue slushy drink (okay so she does make some bad food choices, don't we all).

The next day she and dad had a great time at the zoo. DH accidentally left her sparkly shoes and headband on the roof. When they realized what had happened they turned around. Back at the zoo they found the headband wedged behind the spare tire and they found the sparkly shoes on the freeway onramp. DH bravely rescued the shoes. They were a hand me down from her best friend Pita and therefore would have been sorely missed. Lil Sis loves her hand-me-down shoes. The date ended with a lunch at her favorite restuarant, McDonald's. Why do kids love it so much? I cringe everytime my kids beg me to go there!

Monday, October 6, 2008

How embarassing!

I remember that I would complain often about my brother's choice of attire many times growing up. He would love to wear his snakeskin cowboy boots, lederhosen, and cowboy hat in public. I was mortified and couldn't understand why my parents would let him out of the house like that. I think I get it now that I am a parent. Lil Sis decided to dress herself for school today. To avoid argument and enjoy the fact that she is an independent person I indulged her. In a ridiculous way, she is oozing personality and style (or a new biker chick fad). So this is how we left the house.

Today at school we learned about brothers and sisters. Each kid was to color and dress their siblings. As Lil Sis was coloring Big Sis' orange skin we heard the following as she drew some skin between her legs...."I'm coloring Big Sis' PoPo (German slang for behind and now Lil Sis' word for private parts)." I just about died of humiliation, then their teacher and I started laughing. I'm just glad Big Sis didn't explain to the teacher the anatomical difference between males and females, when the teacher was asking what the difference between brothers and sisters are!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Apple Farm

Yesterday we went on a field trip with our Pre-School class to the Riley Farm in Oak Glen. Wow, it is beautiful there. We were so hot in the sun. We learned how to make cider, play games from the 1800's, learned a few songs, and did some plowing. We also enjoyed some yummy caramel apples.

I bought two big bags of apples and I'm going to try making some homemade applesauce today. Wish me luck.