Friday, April 24, 2009


We inherited a jungle for a backyard. No sprinklers in the backyard either. I find it hard to believe that a home built in 1968 never had a sprinkler system installed. So DH is busy planning, pruning, digging, cutting down trees, removing massive roots, demolishing a pond and just being awesome. I love to watch him sweat. It makes me love him so much more.

We will to have to move the garden. But no big deal we only got a few plants to grow anyways. Here's what we were able to grow:

I would love a yard like this, but I think we need grass for the kiddos. I will however use it as inspiration.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Woking hard for the $$$

We are attempting to improve the efficiency of our home. This winter it was pretty cold in the house despite the fact that we had the heater running. It was also pretty hot this past Sunday and Monday in the heat wave that hit California. So we've added some insulation to the attic. Thank goodness it was so overcast today.

We thought it would be a really hard job. It turned out just to be a really dirty job. I kept the hooper fill with cocoon insulation, all 20 bags. DH was in the attic spraying. He was a little panicked at first in the small crawl space over the kitchen. He was imagining being stuck up there and the insulation coming at a fast rate and suffocating and trapping him there, being unable to tell me to stop the machine. So Big Sis and Lil Sis kept watch for me since I couldn't hear while the machine was running. After the first bag DH realized that we were okay. So we sent the girls back to their movie.

I feel so green now and I feel like we could somehow qualify for Mike Rowe's job. Okay well maybe not!
The before.Check out those white eyelashes.The after!

Check off my want list

Before we moved into our home I started compiling a want list. One of the things that I loved was open shelving. Here is my inspiration. I forgot to write down where I found these, so I can't give proper credit.

DH made that dream a reality for me. Slowly maybe the other dreams will come true too! (Come on economy pick up!)
It is so easy to access my dishes. I love it.
DH even put in my microwave/oven and cook top. We lived without a microwave for about 3 months. Surprisingly it was not that bad.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Failed Attempt

This year I thought I would attempt to make the girls Easter dresses. It was so bad I won't even post a picture. Lesson #1 learned . . . . pick a good pattern. The one I picked from Simplicity/New Look was awful. It seriously looked like I cut holes in a pillow case for arms and their heads. Lesson #2 learned . . . . patterns run really big, I mean really big. Big Sis fit into a 3T. What? Come on get it right pattern makers. Can you please keep your sizes consistent with the retail industry?

My mom came to the rescue and found these adorable smocked dress for only $12 at Macy's. Score. Thank you mom!

Never fear I still want to try sewing some clothes for the girls. I think I'll start with these patterns. I love them! I love the idea of making the girls clothes with my own two hands.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

And their off...

We finally live in an area that is condusive to learning how to ride a bike. Big Sis was too young when we lived in Irvine and it was too dangerous when we lived in Chino Hills (we lived on a very steep hill). Now our street is pretty flat and we have taken the girls outside to practice their riding skills.

Big Sis started riding what is called a Puky bike when she was about 2 years old. My brothers brought it home from Switzerland for her. The idea behind the bike is that the children learn to balance thereby eliminating the need for training wheels. Let me tell you it works. Big Sis is riding her bike after only two times out with her dad.

Now Lil Sis is practicing her balance on the Puky bike. She is already getting the hang of it. In fact she was trying to pull out some fancy tricks, both legs up in the air!
Aren't helmets so dang funny?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Great Park Balloon

Grandma and Grandpa flew down this week from Utah to spend some time with us. We took them to the Orange County Great park and went on a balloon ride. I still can't believe that it was free. So fun. I loved the ticket design, so simple. Too bad that I couldn't keep one. They were going "green" and reused the tickets for the next patrons. In fact most of the park so far, seemed to be using recycled materials from the old marine base.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the fun visit. We loved having you. Congratulations on your mission call.

Sorry Grandma, didn't realize your face was so obstructed!
Grandma and I found some time to relax in the sun. The weather was amazing.

This is for you Mom & Dad

Last month my parents gave us the ultimate gift. A night off. They took the girls over night. After I dropped them off in the afternoon they took the girls to see The Little Mermaid Ballet. They were in heaven. Big Sis exclaimed loudly during the performance, as she watched the dancers leap across the stage, "they haven't taught me that in my class yet Opa." Lil Sis enjoyed the show but had a hard time sitting still. At one point during the show my dad said that she threw her arms forward and wrapped them around the head of the boy sitting in front of her. She quickly realized what she had done and was embarrassed.

I had my parents bring my camera so that I could get a few shots. A belated thank you to my parents. You are amazing!

Yes that is the boy whose cranium got some lovin' from Lil Sis!So funny, Cinderella couldn't even spell her name correctly (Cinerella). I guess they don't teach you that in dance class!