Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer has started!

Well at least it finally felt like ours started this week. We didn't get out of school until June 23rd. That seemed so late to me. Then the very next week I went to girls camp with the young women from church and the following week was overcast and rained. This week was hot and we had our first major sunburn, me! You would think I would know better. I made sure the kids had sunscreen, but I got busy unloading and setting up, by the time I put some on it was to late. It made for one painful week.
The girls started their swim lessons. There is already such a huge improvement. Lil Sis is way more confident. I think it really helps that she and her best friend are in the same class. Although they really love to play around when the teacher isn't paying attention!
Big Sis is working on her strokes this summer. Her backstroke and freestyle are looking really good. I love to watch her doing the side breathing. She doesn't quite have the total confidence to just turn her head. She lifts it up a little in the water so as to have her mouth completely out of the water.