Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Improvements

Lil Sis got a new cast yesterday. This one she can technically walk on. However, I think she is still a little too scared to try it out. I am sure that by the end of the 2 weeks that she has to wear it she will be walking. It took some time for her to just bend her knee after getting used to being immobilized from the last cast. This one is a really cute little red sparkly cast. It matches her Minnie Mouse costume for Halloween perfectly.

My Man Delivers

While I was hosting the book club at our house, dad took the girls to a 3D viewing of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. They had a blast. Dinner at their favorite, the golden arches and a movie, life is good for them.

I had a great time at book club. We read The Shack. I haven't finished it yet. It has been difficult to read. I am half way through and I don't love it. It is always hard to keep moving on in a book that hasn't grabbed you from the beginning. It reminds me of the many books I was required to read in my literature classes in college. Painful. However, I am determined to see it through so that I can give an honest review.

After discussing the book in heavy debate we loosened things up by playing Rock Band 2 on the Wii. Our new favorite game. I felt like a teenage girl with my girlfriends. We really let our guard down. Too bad there are no incriminating photos or videos!


Why on earth would a favorite store of mine carry this item in Orange County California? Really? Perhaps my hairdo needs a little lift?

Actually my fabulous hairdresser friend has given me an update. I love it. After trying to grow it out for two years it was time to go short again. I don't know why but I am much more comfortable with short hair. So here is the new red headed me!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Blue Sparkly Cast

Lil Sis is doing so well. One would almost think she loves the new cast. This weekend at church she soaked up all the attention. When I took her with me to shop at my local Henry's supermarket she actually chatted and initiated conversations with fellow shoppers. Wanting to inform them of her situation. This is not typical of Lil Sis. She loves to cast dirty looks when strangers try to talk to her. Now she is like a completely different person. She hasn't complained about having to sit in her stroller. Just yesterday she was sitting in the stroller for at least 4 hours straight. I kept asking her if she wanted to get out. Nope. Today she helped me at the Book Fair at Big Sis' school. When dad came home to watch her while I finished my shift she cried because she wanted to stay at the book fair. I think she really loves the attention all the kids coming in would give her. Is my little introvert going to become an extrovert through this experience?

Peace out!

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Poor Baby

Yesterday, while I was volunteering in Big Sis Kindergarten class, Lil Sis had a bike accident. She fractured her ankle down to the growth plate. She was riding a bike with dad and decided to get off the bike by placing her foot on the moving tire. Well her foot ended up caught between the spokes and the front fork in the bike. Dad removed it and took her to the doctor. Poor guy, I didn't have my phone on and he had to track down which doctor I took the girls to amidst her panicked cries. I really should have a list of those kinds of things for him. You never think about those things until a crisis.

Today she received her first cast. It's a beauty. Dark blue with sparkles per her request. Pictures to come soon. She didn't complain too much! But there were a few moments of panic and crying. There is a scrape or burn on her ankle that bothers her, but other than that she has been great. Tonight she was scooting around the house on her bottom, since she cannot walk. The doctor doesn't want her to place any weight on the ankle so that the growth plate isn't affected. They placed her leg in the cast in a bent position to prevent her from trying to walk. It looks like we will be carrying her around for the next three weeks. 40lbs never seemed so heavy.

On our drive in the car she told me, "Mom, when dad asks me if I want to come work with him in the yard, I have to tell him I can't." That seemed to be what saddened her the most about not being able to walk.

A huge thank you to our amazing home teacher and my awesome visiting teacher. Last night our home teacher came to help dad give Lil Sis a blessing. She loves our home teacher. As luck would have it, his wife is also my visiting teacher. She took Big Sis for me this morning and dropped her off at school for me, so I could take Lil Sis to the Orthopedic Specialist.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

They weren't kidding

I never believed people when they would tell me how busy I would get once the kids started school. Between volunteering at school for Big Sis and doing Joy School/Pre School for Lil Sis, life is moving at lightening speed.

Big Sis wanted to take some photographs for a Reflections contest at school. The theme was "Beauty is ...". When we asked her what she would like to photograph, she said "a valley of flowers". Since we do not have a valleys of flowers nearby, dad took them to the Huntington Library a couple weeks ago. I let her use my nice camera. Dad got some crazy looks from people. They were probably questioning our judgment in letting a Kindergartner use a expensive DSLR!
Here is the photograph that she decided to enter.
Some more photos she took.
And this is what "beauty is" to me.