Thursday, December 31, 2009

Funny Moment

Christmas Eve, Santa came to our Family Christmas party. Big Sis had us in stitches that night. Santa went over some things on his good and bad list for each of us. My Sis-in-law recently got a ticket for talking on her phone while driving. Santa asked her who she was with (referring to her insurance carrier), Big Sis turned to him and said, "She's already married, Santa." Hilarious. She was on a roll that night. Unfortunately I didn't get a single photo, we couldn't find my purse. Thank goodness I have my Sis-in-law. Look here to view.

Happy Birthday

Big Sis had a birthday. She is now "6". We had a fun family party on Sunday to celebrate. She picked her own breakfast the day of her birthday. Donuts and green eggs and ham. Random. It was a little heavy for me and I felt ill afterward. For her birthday dinner she requested Chicken Pot Pie, her favorite dish.

We have had a lot of fun this past weekend, then I got sick. Thank goodness my parents took the girls home with them Sunday night. I was able to sleep and recover peacefully. While they were at my mom's they went bowling, to the movies twice and rode an elephant at the zoo. As I opened the door when I went to pick them up last night they were shouting hooray for Opa. Turns out it was me and they were super bummed about going home.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Baking

My favorite Christmas music blaring from the radio and my two little girls helping me bake. That is what I call a memorable holiday moment.

Fashion Model

Big Sis is learning about cultures and countries around the world in school. I even went in one day to tell the kindergartners about Austria and share some goodies. It was really fun. One little boy asked me to sing O' Tannenbaum in German. I was so nervous, you'd think I was singing at Carnegie Hall. A week ago Big Sis and her class put on a fashion show and invited their parents. They all wore costumes from their country of origin or the country that their ancestors came from. Big Sis delivered her memorized line very well and gave a twirl to show off her dirndl. Very endearing.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Fat Turkey

Big Sis' kindergarten class puts on a big production every year. The same program has been performed since I think maybe the 70's? Anyways a long time. Big Sis got the part of the "big fat" turkey. At least that is what she called it. The costume was amazing. The kids all did a great job and had so much fun. I took a million photos and if I can ever figure it out a cute video clip of Big Sis' dance.

She is still singing the songs all day long! She and Lil Sis gave us a performance the other day in the living room.

Oh boy are we in trouble. She has quite a following of admirers. I mean look at that flirty smile in the last photo. Where did she learn that? Everytime we walk across the play ground kids are shouting hello to her. It is such a crack up.

Happy (Un) Birthday

Bad mom. I forgot to mark Lil Sis' special occasion. She turned the big "4" two weeks ago. I love how happy she is. She picked out her own gift, breakfast, and birthday cake. We feasted on Lucky Charms and sprinkles cake with sprinkles frosting. My mom made schnitzel, a family favorite. Best of all the very next day she got her cast off.

Wow that was a nasty looking ankle/leg. I couldn't believe they didn't wash off her foot for me. I mean they are getting paid over $1,000 dollars! We went straight home and did some major scrubbing. It looks like she might have a minor scar. Time will tell.