Wednesday, May 26, 2010

School Campout

Our school has a really fun tradition. Every year they hold a campout with the principle. Big Sis was begging us to go. So we went. Everyone had a good time. The girls loved spending the night in the field, running around wild with their friends, making new friends, and not having mom and dad keep constant watch over them. As an added bonus we got to try out our new tent. Some chuckles from my friend upon seeing our 7 man monstrosity. Yes I know we were only there for one night, but I needed room for my air mattress and I couldn't have the girls wiggling next to me all night. The tent doesn't look that big in this picture. It has a front porch!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thank you for the visit!

Grandma and Grandpa Robins and Aunt C came for a visit before they went on their cruise to Alaska. We had a blast. Yummy food, rock band, and painting nails. Not to mention the 138 balloons Grandpa and Aunt C provided. The girls couldn't stop talking about the balloons that filled our house to their friends.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What is my problem?

You think I would learn from past mistakes. My poor kids. Lil Sis is getting ready for Kindergarten. Part of that includes immunizations. I thought she was up to date. Nope. SIX shots for the poor kid and she had blood taken for some labs. She remembered last years ordeal with Big Sis. The morning of her doctor's visit she exclaimed over breakfast that she wouldn't cry. She was true to her word. Only one second of a whimper at the beginning of her shots and then she held it together for the remaining time. The blood test was a little hard at first, but I think that's because she wouldn't look away. She really wanted to watch the nurse insert the needle. This is one time that her stubbornness could be considered a blessing.

Turns out that her cholesterol is a little high. We are going to have to watch her diet closely. I would never of thought that she would have a cholesterol problem. She is my healthy eater.

Working hard ... well one of us

We have been busy. (If I'm being honest, it was mostly M doing the work!) The girls and I were there to help out here and there. Our backyard was a nightmare when we moved here a year ago. Slowly trees have been removed, trimmed and new ones have been added. M installed a sprinkler system and this weekend we laid some sod. Gotta love instant grass!

Planting an avocado tree. Lil Sis was so excited to plant this and declared that she loves avocados. Funny since she had never even tried one before. When we went grocery shopping that week we purchased one. Turns out she really does like them. Or maybe she couldn't admit that she was wrong and didn't like it. Lil Sis rolls like that.Getting ready to help dad put in the sprinkler system.
The girls lasted about 15 minutes.
This was the only day I helped out. M is amazing even if he looks funny in his yard work get up!

Big Sis took all the pictures for us on Saturday. I thought she did a great job on the two above and the two below.Can you spot my awesome Mother's Day gift.
I have wanted a garden gnome ever since I visited my oma's sister's garden in Austria when I was a teenager. There were gnomes peppered throughout her garden. I mentioned that life long desire one day to M. The girls and M didn't forget it. Isn't he sweet? M and the girls are trying to come up with a name for him.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ready for a laugh?

Funny things, from the mouths of our babes.

Last night we dropped off a Mother's day gift for my mom, a cute pig watering can. I was explaining to my mom that we could have purchased the larger one, but I though the smaller one would work better in her home. Then Lil Sis chimes in, "Mom you said it was too expensive". Big Sis, "You shouldn't lie to your mom!"

Caught. They listen to everything I say.

Another funny moment I had forgotten about until now. While we were in San Francisco the girls and I were walking around downtown after our visit to the museum. We were trying to kill some time while waiting for Dad to pick us up. As we approached a cross walk there was a homeless man with a cup begging for money. Lil Sis exclaimed, "Mom why does he want to give me money?" Well I guess he was shaking the cup at her.