Thursday, March 27, 2008

Watch out Grandpa Robins here we come....

We are lucky enough to have a Grandma & Grandpa who are real cowpokes! And we are going to visit them the end of next month. Well we would like to report that we have been training for our upcoming adventures in Montana. Big Sis and Lil Sis rode the ponies at Zoomar's today. Lil Sis let out the cutest "woohoo" whilst riding. She started whining after her turn because I wouldn't let her go on another ride, but at $4 a ride come on! I guess its still cheaper than buying Lil Sis her own pony.

"I wanna go on Pony ride again"

Feeding the Bunnies

Today we went with some friends down to San Juan Capistrano. We visited Zoomar's Petting Zoo. The girls fed the bunnies and guinea pigs salad, carrots, apples, and broccoli. Well, actually they more or less just chucked the food at the poor animals. They are still so afraid that the little guys are going to bite them. To be fair, I did have a bunny nibble on my ankle and pant leg twice today. It was pretty crowded, but still fun. Afterwards we had lunch and played at the park while my friend and her 10 yr. old daughter took a tour of the Mission. It would have been pointless to pay for Big Sis and Lil Sis to get in. I just don't think we can appreciate it yet.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Today while Big Sis was practicing her letter "D" we started talking. I can't remember what prompted her to say it or where she learned the phrase (we don't say it at home), but she said "Oh my God". I explained to her why we didn't use the word God in that context, that it is a special/holy name of our Father in Heaven. A minute later I left the room and heard the following prayer uttered by Big Sis.

Dear Heavenly Father
Thank you for this day
I'm sorry I said that word
In the name of Jesus Christ

Bunny Easter Came

That's what Lil Sis kept saying when referring to the Easter Bunny.

My Dad and Grandma are awesome, thanks to them Easter was just a little sweeter. Great Grandma even loaded the eggs with cash, nice! I didn't do anything for the girls this year besides get them new clothes/shoes. Mostly because I ran out of time, I forgot to pick up the chocolate bunnies I ordered from a friend, and we are thinking about starting new traditions that involve less sweets. Breakfast and Dinner yesterday consisted of sugar and more sugar. Big Sis must have eaten at least 12 peeps yesterday. My brothers and sis-in-law took Big Sis for a long walk. She rode her Puky Bike up and down our steep hills. That didn't even wear her down. She was still bouncing off the walls.

Here are some pictures of the girls on their hunt in the yard.

And they're off...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

My friend started a tradition where we get all our kids together each year and have an easter egg hunt and take a picture of the kiddos. They love it (aka sugar coma). Here's the group shot.

Big Sis took it upon herself to enforce the posing. Here she is terrorizing poor baby "B". Look at that devilish grin. I'm sure she was thinking, "I wish I could still get away with this with Lil Sis."

I'm now too tired to blog anymore tonight. The girls didn't nap today, but I really needed one. So I'm off to watch the Office and hit the hay. Enjoy the hunting shots.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mommy's Lil Helper

Lil Sis loves to help me clean the shower. I give her a bucket of warm water and a brush. She scrubs the floor for awhile and then without fail always climbs in the bucket. I love that my kids love to help me clean.

Here's another shot from today. Our Easter bunny.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My man delivered...

Last night DH took me to see Wicked at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles. We have a tradition that every year for Valentines we pick a show or DH surprises me with tickets and then we go a week or so later (to avoid the crowds). The musical was very well written and the cast was super talented. Their vocals blew me away, especially Caissie Levy (Elphaba). There were so many things to learn and reflect on. Politics, unconditional love, goodness, looking beyond someone's exterior, etc.

We left the theater with the throngs of other individuals which included a surprising number of teens dressed for prom(?)! As we were were being herded out like cattle at an excruciatingly slow pace someone had the audacity to lite up. Everyone around me seemed upset by the looks on their faces and the teens remarked loudly how rude that was and they were having difficulty breathing. I never saw the culprit, but if I did my looks would have killed. Couldn't they have waited just two more minutes. I mean come one, you just sat through 2 hours of the show and managed to exert some self control what's another 2 minutes. Okay, my ranting is over. Thanks for enduring through that.

I must also note my thanks to my good friend for finding us some awesome hot dogs at Scooby's. The fresh squeezed lemonade, chili cheese fries, and hot dogs were yummy. The dogs reminded me of Frankfurters in Austria. The skins would pop as you bit into them. It took me back to the time DH and I cruised around Europe together on our first Anniversary. My friend never ceases to amaze me with her talent at finding the best places to eat. You rock!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yesterday the girls and I took a trip out to the Bass Pro Shop by Victoria Gardens. We should have gone with a group of friends, but I slept in. The night before Lil Sis woke me up practically every hour crying. After the third time I was fed up and in my exhaustion I went and laid down in her bed. What was I thinking? I didn't get any sleep that way either. She kicks and squirms like mad. So at 5am I crept back to my bed. They great thing about being at my parents is that there is always someone to feed my kids breakfast. The bad thing is that I loose my alarms clocks (Big Sis & Lil Sis).

The girls loved the Bass Pro Shop. I thought they would be into the life like animals and the fish tank, but no. They loved the tents. There were some set up with cots, sleeping bags, and chairs. They would have played for hours. It got me to thinking that maybe we are ready to go camping as a family. Any suggestions for great places to camp?

Afterwards we rode the Choo Choo Monga Express at Victoria Gardens. It was a great outdoor shopping mall. Can't wait to go back and have time to peruse the stores more thoroughly.

You may have noticed those lovely one of a kind necklaces the girls are wearing. They are made by the lovely and talented designer, Big Sis. A couple weeks ago we went to the craft store and purchased some supplies to make jewelery. We are still working on mastering aesthetics!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Boxer Babe

Lil Sis now looks like she's had some serious time in the ring. Yesterday after looking for real estate we stopped to have lunch at Wahoo's (DH's fav). As we were leaving the restaurant Lil Sis ran full speed and clotheslined herself on the railing outside. I think she must have been focusing just beyond the railing and therefore didn't see it. I also happened to be walking in front just to the side where the opening in the railing was. Poor thing. DH scooped her up and tried to find the source of all the blood. It was just gushing, not a moment for the faint of heart. The ladies sitting at a nearby table outside quickly got us some ice and napkins. Gotta love those random acts of kindness from strangers.

Lil Sis is no stranger to injury. Here is another pic from Dec. 06'. In this one she fell 5ft. from a play structure onto wood planks. Let's hope she outgrows this accident prone stage. I fear for the future of her beautiful face!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Here's a fun video. This kid is so cute and amazing. Enjoy.

Wake up call

Lil Sis comes into our room each morning with simple requests for food or a movie. Whenever DH is home she begs him for pancakes. Today was one of those lucky mornings that we got to have dad with us. True to form, Lil Sis asked dad to make her pancakes. Off they went leaving me to get some extra zzz's. Lovin' life. About 40 minutes later Lil Sis comes back into the room, crawls into bed and sweetly says, "wake up, it's hungry time".

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I love that Lil Sis and Big Sis have best friends that they talk about non stop. Big Sis lives for getting together with her friend and playing dress up. She was so excited about their play date yesterday that she forgot to take care of necessary bodily functions. Thanks to my friend for cleaning her up and being kind to her, unlike her mommy would have been.

I think its hilarious that Lil Sis' friend calls her by Big Sis' name. Hey whatever works. They still have a blast playing together.

I'm glad to have good friends too. Life is so much sweeter with them.

Lil Sis and friend being silly.

Within minutes of leaving her play date!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Gotta love this

...she put herself to bed tonight. Lil Sis exclaimed "I'm sleepy", crawled into bed and read some of her most recent favorites, the Little Miss series. She has really been frustrating me lately. Sass galore, disobedience, and stubbornness. Its moments like tonight that help me realize that deep down she is still that sweet little girl I love to cuddle and that brings a smile to my face.