Monday, June 16, 2008

She Did It!!!

Big Sis had her first dance recital and she actually took to the stage and performed. I wasn't sure it would happen. Her last few brushes with public performance haven't gone so well (ie scripture in primary). Every time she would freeze up, panic, and scowl.

She has been working with her class for the last few months and I have been practicing at home with her the last couple of weeks. Boy was that a challenge. Every time I asked her to practice I would hear an endless amount of excuses and complaints. My legs are tired, etc. Frustrating to say the least, but she did it. I still wasn't sure she remembered all the steps, but Saturday as she performed she really wowed me. Not only did she remember the steps, she was showing love to the audience.

I helped out with her class over the weekend as a Class Mom. That was hard work. Those eleven little 4 year olds are wiggly, but it was fun to be there for Big Sis. So I guess it's official, I am now a stage mom, hopefully the good kind!

Waiting to go backstage.
She loved wearing make-up, but didn't like having to wash it off at night. Safe to say I don't think she'll be asking to wear make-up all the time. She didn't like all the effort afterwards.
With dad before the show.
Me putting on/fixing/adjusting the costumes for the umpteenth time.
Second from the right.

Givin' some love to the audience.

With her biggest fan, Lil Sis. Who can't wait to join her up on stage.


J-Dawg said...

Dang, she is just too cute!!! She looks like a little model in the profile picture of her standing up. How fun for her! Go Stage Mom!

LudiKus said...

i liked it and she was one of the best in her group!! :)
maybe because i only looked at her, really hahaha!