Thursday, June 3, 2010

A trip to the ER

Big Sis had an accident today. She collided with a swing. This is what happens...
A trip to the ER and three stitches later, we are back to our happy self. Her biggest worry was that her play date was over and that she might not make it to the school's open house tonight.
We giggled like crazy in the ER. We joked around about the cotton ball on her lip. I said it looked like a spider's egg sack coming out her nose. Then we joked around about the stitches looking like a spider. The Novocaine they placed on her lip reduced the blood flow and her lips were a bit white when we left the hospital. As we left the room, she asked me, "mom, can you put some lipstick on me so that my lips will look normal?" The nurse chuckled and told me that I'm in for trouble!
It looks like she was miserable, but she really just wanted the camera. Okay who am I kidding, I think she was maybe a little miserable. But then we started having fun. After her anesthetic I thought for sure someone had slipped her a happy pill. She was giggling like mad. She did take some photos of the ER room and my mug.
Going for something serious!
We took this because she wanted to see what her face looked like. She was very worried that her friends would think she looked funny.

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