Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Case of Mommy Guilt

To preface why I felt so bad/guilty today I have to tell you what happened last week. Last Wednesday Big Sis had her dance class and wanted to leave early because she was tired and hungry. I hadn't fed her a snack before class like I usually do so she kept telling her teacher that she was tired. After leaving the class a few times I asked her if she wanted to leave early. She did, so we left.

Skip to this morning 10am. We are on time for her class, pancakes for breakfast insured us a full tummy and Big Sis is committed to staying the entire duration. In the parking lot I notice the other little dancers are all wearing Halloween costumes. Oh, crap! Okay, we can handle this. Well, as it turns out they gave an announcement last week that today they would have a Halloween party and everyone should dress up and bring treats for the class.

The look on Big Sis' face when she noticed that she was the only one not dressed up, can I just say crushing. I pulled her aside and told her that I didn't know and that I loved her and thought she was beautiful. I was on the verge of tears. Big Sis however enjoyed her class and the other girls costumes and got over it so quickly, no embarrassment. I on the other hand was mortified. The other mommies were bringing these cute little treat bags and goodies that were so Martha Stewart. I felt like screaming "I can do that too, if only I'd gotten the memo!". What is it with me and my pride? Lesson learned from Big Sis' example, it really doesn't matter. There are more important things in life, ie. feeling loved.


5-Wheeler said...

I'm so happy you're blogging! Trey loved sitting on my lap looking at pics of his fave girlfriend. He kept asking me, "where Abi going? Trey go?" Let's get them together for a date soon. PLAYdate, that is. We miss the Robins family, but it's sooo fun to see you on the computer!

Jenna said...

I love your blog, Eva!! Your pics are so good and I love the story of the dance class. I can see it unfolding as if I was there. Your treat bags would've been the best that day, for sure!!

Jay McCarthy said...

I hope to learn such good lessons from my kids. =)

UsedToBeDay said...

NICE save. I'm so surprised it worked, actually. But in retrospect, it totally makes sense! I bet if you made a big deal about it, she would have thought it was a big deal, when we all know it isn't.