Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trunk or Treat

We love sugar. We love sugar. We love sugar. Tonight was "Trunk or Treat" at church. Big Sis and Lil Sis enjoyed treating and enjoyed their spoils. So did mom and dad. Lil Sis did not want to wear the bunny head, oh well at least she put the costume on. I didn't think she would care about her costume this year, but apparently having an older sister who is way into princesses and dressing up has an influence. I should have bought Lil Sis the Tinkerbell costume, she has been wearing it everyday this past week. So I forced her into the hand-me-down bunny costume all in the name of saving a buck! Before we left tonight she was quite distraught and would just hang her head and cry. But once she caught on to the spirit of Halloween (aka Candy) we were cool.

What is up with that smirk?

"Mom do I have to?"


Jay McCarthy said...

Abi looks soooo cute!

UsedToBeDay said...

it must be a california thing... my ward had a trunk or treat thing last saturday too, but i've totally never heard of it!