Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting Upset

Last night was crazy. After dinner I took the girls with me to Costco. Big Sis brought her "magic wand". As she sat in the cart she started whipping it around nearly smacking Lil Sis and I on the head. After warning her that it would be taken away, she proceeded to cast her crazy wild spells and whip the wand, which smacked me. Well of course I followed through and took the wand away placing it in my back pocket. Two seconds later Big Sis tested the waters again and snatched it from my pocket. I then told her she would not get it back until tomorrow. Sobs and more sobs.

Why does everyone in the store have to stare? I felt awful. Then at the check stand she was still whimpering. When the check out clerk tried to cheer her up Big Sis gave her the dirtiest look and started crying again. Argh!!! But the funny thing is that she totally gets it from me. My mom was right when she said many years ago, you get exactly what you dished out. So after some reflecting, I realize I need to be a better example.

This is the "dirty" look. (captured 9/27/07)

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Jenna said...

one of my favorite faces