Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Consoled by Big Sis

Today as I was crying, Big Sis wanted to comfort me. As she hugged me and kissed me I told her about the death of my Oma. I explained that after we die we go to Heaven to live with our Father in Heaven. Big Sis then replied, "It's okay mom, she's with Jesus. He's going to give her a new body and it won't be old. It will be young." Wow. I was floored by her statement. There is such comfort in knowing that we will be a family forever, we will see each other again and that we will be resurrected.

She also commented on her own Oma. "She's old mom, but not too old. She won't die." Yes. I do still have my mom. And I'm grateful for her and all the family I have around me.

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Byers Babes said...

What a special girl you have. Our thoughts are with you and your family, E.