Wednesday, January 16, 2008

8 years ago...

DH and I became engaged. I can hardly believe time goes by so fast. To celebrate we went to the movies last night and saw Juno. For those of you who know me, I don't cry watching movies, I repeat I don't cry. But, I did for this one and I laughed a lot. It was so moving. Maybe being a mom made it so powerful for me, I don't know.

Now that being said I'm not sure this would be a movie that I would feel comfortable recommending to my mom. It was a little colorful. You know how you just love a movie and then you watch it with your parents and you are squirming the whole time!

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UsedToBeDay said...

Oh my heck!! I completely had the same reaction... wouldn't want to watch it with my parents but really liked it.

AND I NEVER EVER EVER used to cry in movies. Within the last couple of years my eyes would slightly well-up during a select few, but I was BAWLING uncontrollably during this movie. (and laughing)