Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tribute to my Oma

We found out this afternoon that my Oma passed away this morning. While we are sad that her spirit has left us we are happy that she is now at peace after battling her health for 2 years. I will miss her. Here are some of the things I remember most about her...

- her love for the gospel
- her love for the scriptures
- her love for the temple
- her amazing Schnitzel, Schweinzbraten, Käsnodl, Backhendel, Crepes...she was an amazing cook
- the way she sung the hymns with such enthusiasm
- her readiness to share her strong opinions
- amazing energy and work ethic
- her talent with handiwork
- spending summers with her at Lake Wörthersee
- she never wanted to hang up the phone, you would always have to end the phone conversations
- she kept every single creation I ever made for her. Last time I visited 3 years ago she still had some art of mine on the fridge from when I was 10 or so.
- these crazy stuffed monkeys on the back of her sofa
- her courage, she gave birth to my mother all alone at home (and the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck)
- her thriftiness
- listening to her tell stories from her childhood
- her beautiful blue eyes

She was an amazing woman. Heaven is lucky to have her.

(These happen to be the only scanned photos available)

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Byers Babes said...

E, you made me cry reading about your Oma. Thanks for sharing those wonderful thoughts about her.