Friday, February 8, 2008

Best News

I saved the best post for last today. Stinkerbell (aka Lil Sis) is now potty trained!!! (note the Tinkerbell panties) And of course that requires jumping and dancing on our beds with our fairy wings. Oh and Lil Sis is pretty excited too!


Byers Babes said...

What an achievement!! Way to go Mom & Dad! See - endure to the end. Love the stinkerbell comment. I'll have to remember that for later use my own princass (spelling intentional).

J-Dawg said...

Wow! I can not wait to be at that stage. We are slowly working on it at our house but I have not gone hard-core yet since I am dealing with one major thing at a time.

I second Jenna's comment about "Stinkerbell". I love that nickname! Too cute.

jenny said...

Gotta love no more diapers! I know I do! I can picture you and Mat jumping on the beds in fairy wings, cute!