Friday, February 29, 2008

Gotta love my dad

He is one brave man to suffer through Hannah Montana 3-D. He took Big Sis to dinner at her favorite spot, Costco, for her favorite, hot dogs. Then to the movies.


Byers Babes said...

Costco for lunch is rad! What a good grandpa! I bet he is totally dancing and singing around the house "It's the Best of Both Worlds . . ."

J-Dawg said...

I still don't get this Hannah Montana thing. Just the other night I learned that Miley Cyrus' character turns into Hannah Montana. I thought they were two different people. Can you tell I don't have girls old enough to watch the show?

Jonathan and I love to have lunch at Costco from time to time. He gets the hot dog drink combo and I get the slice of pizza. Can't beat all of that for under $4!