Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cool Car = Cool Uncle

Our Onkel A (uncle in German) is so cool, he drives a right hand drive Mini Cooper. The girls got a chance to ride with him to Costco the other day on his birthday and they were excited beyond description. Onkel A taught them to give the Peace sign. Which they flashed out the back window to me (I was following in my car behind them). He also informed me later that they began headbutting each other to get a chance to look back at me. Poor guy. I'm sure that frazzled him having them fight in the back seat.

Taken after the headbutting occurred.


J-Dawg said...

Is your brother already back from his mission? Holy Cow!

Did he get his car in the U.S.?

How fun for the girls to have their Uncle around!!

Byers Babes said...

Rad Costco trip. Lucky A got to witness head-butting from the two cutest sisters I know!