Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday

We celebrated Big Sis' birthday today. The actual day of her birthday we went shopping for the party. As we were driving home Big Sis asked if her friends would be waiting for her at home. I had a tough time explaining to her that we were celebrating days later. She still has no concept of time/days.

We had a fun party with friends despite our colds. Check out the pics.

Blowing out the candles on the cake she helped decorate.


Happy to be with her BF eating cake, what could be better?

Opening gifts, this one happened to start some serious fights with her friends. She just wouldn't share. Now I know why its best not to open gifts at the party.

Lil Sis trying out the gift from her Tante. Now they have dress-up masks to play cat and dog!

Cat and Dog meet!

Lil Sis and friend waiting for cake.


Amy Phelps: said...

Thanks for such a fun day! William is still coming up to me and whimpering for a "car!"

Byers Babes said...

Cute pics. Sorry my girl is in almost all of them. Just ask her to move to the side, next time. My kids had a blast!

UsedToBeDay said...

so fun! what are the pink dots on the cake made out of? it's sooo cute!

Steph said...

We had a blast! Thanks so much for pulling the clan out of Irvine. We're happy to come up and play anytime! We love our Abi (and the rest of you, too!)