Monday, December 3, 2007

Sassy Lil Sis

Tonight we went for a drive with Oma and Opa to look at the christmas lights in Chino, CA. Lil Sis was chatting non stop. She was repeating over and over again (about 10 times) to Big Sis, "I see bubbles,Big Sis". Translation, "I (want) to see bubbles, Big Sis".

After about the tenth time Oma said, "You want to see some bubbles, Lil Sis?"

Lil Sis: "I talking to Big Sis, okay!"

It was so sassy it was cute, way to tell Oma off! I normally don't encourage that kind of behavior, but everyone was rolling.

The lights weren't all up. We'll have to go again in a couple weeks. The girls were excited by what we did see. They'll have a blast when its all up.

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