Monday, December 3, 2007

Polar Express

Last night we watched the Polar Express as a family. I thought no one had seen it before. Big Sis kept exclaiming that she had seen the movie before at Oma and Opa's. I however don't remember ever watching it and neither had my dad. So I thought Big Sis was just telling a tale. "It's soooo amazing mom, and not scary at all"

At the end during the intense action scenes Big Sis would tell us how the part would end. And what do you know she was right every time. So weird, she must have seen the movie.

Lil Sis has been a challenge lately. She is so Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I love Mr. Hyde who cuddles and obeys. Dr. Jekyll oddly enough is only displayed when Big Sis is present. If Lil Sis is alone she is just angelic.

My assignment in the nursery (kids age 18 months to 3 yrs.) at church has been challenging. Two kiddos cry almost the whole time and one kiddo tries to escape every 5 seconds. I was literally running after him about 5 times yesterday. And we had 9 kids and only 2 leaders. Time to get some parents involved. My problem is that I really don't want to bug the parents. I don't know if thats because I don't want to feel like I've failed or that I remember waiting longingly for the day my kids went to nursery so that I could enjoy class and I don't want to take that away from these parents.

What to do?


Allison Smith said...

Our lil sis is also a serious Mr Hyde and Mr Jekyll. Today she was both at very extremes. We call her our sugar and spice. And like you when big bro is not around, she is usually just sappy sweet sugar.

as for nursery. go ahead ask the parent every now and then, especially if they aren't in more demanding callings. And for the 18 month olds I would have no problems asking the parent to stay in for at least half of it if their child is crying too much. It's church after all, not a tough love seminar for babies.

Jenna said...

I think big sis may have seen it at my house during one of our past playdates. you're in nursery? so much for robins #3. i bet mat is thrilled.