Monday, April 14, 2008

Hot weekend...

It was so warm this weekend. On Friday, DH treated me to a day at the beach. I haven't been surfing in ages. We loaded up the car and had a picnic and relaxed in the sun. While I surfed the girls made castles with their dad.

DH in his mid-day beach attire. His sensitive skin is so easily prone to burning. On vacation in Mexico a few years ago some local surfers dubbed him Casper. We had a good laugh with our friends. I still tease him, but I'm glad he takes it seriously and stays cancer free.

I know... look at that face. It's been a long time since I've surfed. I was wiped out.

On Saturday my sis-in-law had her birthday. We spent the morning and afternoon together going on a bike ride. It was a blast. The ride home was so hot and seemed to take so much longer than the ride to lunch. Poor DH got blasted with incredible winds carrying his worst nightmare, DUST. His poor allergies. His eyes got super red and were just streaming with tears.

Lunch was great. We tried a new place called Sugarcane's in Chino. It had awesome Cuban food. A definite repeat.

Thanks for having a birthday so we could celebrate with you!

Big Sis found the bike of her dreams at a local bike shop. With a price tag of only $159.99! Does that seem like a lot for a kids bike? My brother and I remember riding bikes from Wal Mart, you know Huffys. I doubt they cost that much. She kept talking/begging for the bike the whole weekend. DH said that we would shop around to see if there was anything else that she might perhaps like as much and if we couldn't find anything else we would go back. I'm hoping/praying we find an alternative.


LudiKus said...

thanks for celebrating with me... i had a really good time.
love you guys!!

Steph said...

I would LOVE to go surfing with you! Could you teach me? I can snowboard and body surf. Maybe surfing is somewhere in the middle? I must say, you look hot in a wetsuit.

Byers Babes said...

If the bike is at least 14", then buy it. Good investment, since you've got 2 girls. If it's 12", pass. Can't wait to see her riding a bike though! P.S. Love the polka dot swim suit!