Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yesterday the girls and I took a trip out to the Bass Pro Shop by Victoria Gardens. We should have gone with a group of friends, but I slept in. The night before Lil Sis woke me up practically every hour crying. After the third time I was fed up and in my exhaustion I went and laid down in her bed. What was I thinking? I didn't get any sleep that way either. She kicks and squirms like mad. So at 5am I crept back to my bed. They great thing about being at my parents is that there is always someone to feed my kids breakfast. The bad thing is that I loose my alarms clocks (Big Sis & Lil Sis).

The girls loved the Bass Pro Shop. I thought they would be into the life like animals and the fish tank, but no. They loved the tents. There were some set up with cots, sleeping bags, and chairs. They would have played for hours. It got me to thinking that maybe we are ready to go camping as a family. Any suggestions for great places to camp?

Afterwards we rode the Choo Choo Monga Express at Victoria Gardens. It was a great outdoor shopping mall. Can't wait to go back and have time to peruse the stores more thoroughly.

You may have noticed those lovely one of a kind necklaces the girls are wearing. They are made by the lovely and talented designer, Big Sis. A couple weeks ago we went to the craft store and purchased some supplies to make jewelery. We are still working on mastering aesthetics!


LudiKus said...

always love your blogg... was sick yesterday and kinda wish i would have been "sick" to come with you guys... reality is harsh :)

Kim (Davis) Loudon said...

how much does your mom charge...I need someone to get up with my kids and feed them breakfast!\"/ Eric gets up with them on the weekends, and it is like HEAVEN to catch an extra half hour or so! Victoria Gardens is a fun place! My kids like it there, too! Glad you had fun!

Byers Babes said...

My dad loves that Shop. Tents are always a novelty. We'd love to crash your camping trip. Wanna plan one?

Amy Phelps: said...

We want to camp too! Maybe we all could just spend the night at the Bass Pro Shop (or whatever it's called). The Phelps would love to camp...we just need someone to get the ball going! Where's Natalie when we need her...she's our official activity-planner. She can camp w/ a newborn...can't she?