Monday, March 24, 2008


Today while Big Sis was practicing her letter "D" we started talking. I can't remember what prompted her to say it or where she learned the phrase (we don't say it at home), but she said "Oh my God". I explained to her why we didn't use the word God in that context, that it is a special/holy name of our Father in Heaven. A minute later I left the room and heard the following prayer uttered by Big Sis.

Dear Heavenly Father
Thank you for this day
I'm sorry I said that word
In the name of Jesus Christ


J-Dawg said...

What a good and sweet girl she is! Jonathan says some things too that I wonder where he learned them from. It scares me sometimes to think that he will have others influencing him in a bad way. I know it means I need to teach him right from wrong, but I really do not want his sweet innoncence to go away. Yes, I have control issues...

LudiKus said...
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LudiKus said...

I wanna cry! Dude, I am an emotional wreck!!

Eve said...

Adam showed this to me, and for some reason I started crying because it touched me so deeply. How wonderful that she is understanding or at least implementing repentance into her life at such an early age.