Thursday, April 23, 2009

Woking hard for the $$$

We are attempting to improve the efficiency of our home. This winter it was pretty cold in the house despite the fact that we had the heater running. It was also pretty hot this past Sunday and Monday in the heat wave that hit California. So we've added some insulation to the attic. Thank goodness it was so overcast today.

We thought it would be a really hard job. It turned out just to be a really dirty job. I kept the hooper fill with cocoon insulation, all 20 bags. DH was in the attic spraying. He was a little panicked at first in the small crawl space over the kitchen. He was imagining being stuck up there and the insulation coming at a fast rate and suffocating and trapping him there, being unable to tell me to stop the machine. So Big Sis and Lil Sis kept watch for me since I couldn't hear while the machine was running. After the first bag DH realized that we were okay. So we sent the girls back to their movie.

I feel so green now and I feel like we could somehow qualify for Mike Rowe's job. Okay well maybe not!
The before.Check out those white eyelashes.The after!

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